Magic Kingdom Coronavirus Photo Tour (Over 40 Photos!)

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Any fan of Walt Disney World knows that the parks, especially Magic Kingdom, are pretty much always packed. Thanks to COVID-19, that’s not exactly the situation right now. A friend of mine headed down to the most magical place on Earth back in September and shared photos with me so I can share with you all! So if you’re missing Disney like me, enjoy this Magic Kingdom Coronavirus photo tour!

Day 3, a Day in Magic Kingdom

This photo fun begins at Pop Century resort! I’ve never stayed there so I enjoyed these shots of the colorful value resort!

Let’s head from one timeless classic to another! A Walt Disney World COVID photo tour wouldn’t be complete without a ride on It’s a Small World, whose cheery earworm song catches and attacks almost as quickly as the virus currently keeping me out of the parks. “It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears. It’s a world of hopes, it’s a world of fears…” You’re welcome.

Snack break. Magic Kingdom necessity. Here we have a “not so poisonous apple” cupcake, which was reportedly as sweet as it looks. SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR. (Do not feed to your children. You’ve been warned. Heh.)

And back to the rides! A little haunted mansion, some Peter Pan and Buzz Lightyear, a shot inside the soon redesigned Splash Mountain…

The most common Magic Kingdom coronavirus photos I’ve been seeing are of the characters on parade. I’m really happy that they’ve adjusted the way they do things are character sightings are still happening, even if they look different for now.

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Let’s close out with a little game! Can you name the locations of these final photos?!

Need still more Disney in your life? I’ve got you covered. The next post in this series is over in ANIMAL KINGDOM. You can check out the entire series of COVID PHOTO TOUR posts or jump into the series of trip journals detailing our LAST DISNEY WORLD TRIP before the craziness (when Mini was just 1.5!!!). Btw, if you’re planning your own upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, be sure to visit the DISNEY SITE directly for the latest information, updates, and restrictions.

Magic Kingdom Coronavirus Photo Tour (Over 40 Photos!)

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  1. My sister and her family visited in October. There were a few things they didn’t get to due because of COVID regulations but overall loved being there with less crowds.

  2. It really was a friend of mine and not just me being cheeky by saying that. Ha! So I’m not sure from personal experience. My friend said they enjoyed it as someone who goes everyone few years but would not go if it was a once in a lifetime trip. From what I was told, I would not go with my young children right now but everyone is different.

  3. We ventured out to Disney in October and it was different, but still fun! I never get tired of looking at Disney photos though, so thanks for sharing.

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