Walt Disney World Family Vacation – I Lost My ID at the Airport

The countdown is over and the day has come. It’s time to go to Walt Disney World for our 2019 family vacation! Are you ready? I’m ready. Mostly. As ready as you can be for a 9 day trip with a toddler. HERE WE GO!

Pssst… If you’re just joining us, take a peak at our TRIP PLAN for an overview first!

Ever wonder what happens when you lose your ID at the airport?  Find out how our flight to Walt Disney World for our family vacation went down.  Let's go!
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All in all, I’d say our Walt Disney World trip was incredible and went smoothly. If anything was a little chaotic, it was definitely getting to and getting on the plane (both going and coming home, actually) but what’s family vacation without a little panic?

To the airport

Our travel day started at a fun 4 AM. The only thing that will ever get the women of this family up and functioning happily at 4 AM is Disney, I promise. I got up, got myself ready, and finished up the last minute packing. Yockie took care of himself and we left Mini sleeping until the VERY last minute for a quick clothing change and transition into a peaceful morning ride. We planned for everyone to meet at our house (since we are closest to the airport and have the toddler) for 5 AM and they were perfectly on time. Our van came to pick us up around 5:30. We loaded up, hopped in, and were on our way to the airport!

husband and wife in van
Can’t you just FEEL the 4 AM excitement?!

The ride to the airport was, uh, interesting. I’m not sure if our driver was half asleep or just a horrendous driver but it was an exciting ride. He was all over the road, drove past our gate, backed up in the middle of a busy road, and went the wrong way down a 1 way street into oncoming traffic. It was an adventure, to say the least. Eventually we made it to the airport safely and were VERY glad to get out of the van.

couple waiting at the Philadelphia airport
Aunt Cake and Uncle Be

So, into the airport we went! If you’ve ever traveled with a lap infant under 2, you know you have to get a boarding pass at the desk after showing proof of age. This is when the real fun happened. When I went to get him checked in, I couldn’t find my ID. Like, diaper bag emptied on the floor of the airport, panic mode, couldn’t find my license anywhere . I remembered sticking it in our documents folder where I “wouldn’t forget where it is,” but it was gone.

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I was seriously tearing my bags apart on the floor in front of Southwest check-in looking for it. We were wondering what the next step would be and if I could even get on the plane without an ID. Thankfully, before I had a total meltdown, a man came into the airport yelling my name, ID in hand. I have no idea when I dropped it or what happened but apparently it was on the ground outside. (I blame my early morning wake-up and being frazzled from the crazy van ride…) That guy was my airport angel.

mom and toddler on a plane, explorationmotherhood.com
Mini and I enjoying our airplane snacks- complimentary with Southwest!

Onward from there, we passed through security quickly and easily. Yockie handled our bags, I handled Mini, and Cake and BE handled Gaba and Pap. (This is a favorite tip of mine for surviving the airport with young chilren and new flyers. Read the rest in THIS POST.) We took turns running for bathroom breaks and grabbing McDonald’s once we got to the gate. Boarding went smoothly and we nabbed a row of seats 6 across toward the back of the plane (Victory!).

taking flight

Despite my nerves, Mini did FANTASTIC on his first flight. He snuggled and snacked (loved those plane crackers), read books, played with stickers, colored… It went really well. Our flight was smooth and passed quickly with no issues beyond a tiny bit of turbulence on descent. It went way better than expected and was a great switch into Walt Disney World mode.

toddler Mini playing with Mickey sticker craft project on a plane
Mini played with sticker crafts on the plane!

we have arrived

Of course, my child lives to make me suffer (I’m joking, Susan- relax) and fell asleep at the LAST MINUTE as the plane was landing. We lugged him through the airport and kept him asleep nearly all the way to the line for Disney’s Magical Express. I even almost fell to the floor holding him on the tram. (I wish I was kidding but a 25 pound child really changes your center of gravity, guys. Just call me the airport spectacle this trip.)

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We continued on into the long long long long long line for the Magical Express bus and, I kid you not, my toddler waited more patiently than the men in the family. You’ve been warned, mamas. Pack entertainment for not only your children but also your manchild. (Love yas.)

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Walt Disney World Family Vacation - I Lost My ID at the Airport

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