Walt Disney World Family Vacation – Trip Plan

The Exploration Motherhood family is going to Walt Disney World! That’s right. This winter we are heading off to the most magical place on Earth- AND I’M SO EXCITED!!! Wanna follow along? Keep reading for our trip plan and get ready for the magic! Want to watch the preparation fun (heh, fun)? Have a look:

who is going?

We’ve got a whole chunk of the family coming along on this trip! Toddler Mini, Yockie, and I are going, of course. Mini’s grandpa and grandma (lovingly known as Pap and Gabba) are at the head of the trip and my ister and her husband (Cake and BE) are coming, too! I’m so pumped to be experiencing my favorite place with some of my favorite people!

Family on a plane heading to Walt Disney World, FL
The family!

where are we heading?

The most magical place on Earth! We will be flying from our home in Pennsylvania down to Walt Disney World in sunny Florida. While down there, we are staying at Disney’s CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT. I’m a huge fan of staying on Disney property if it’s in the budget because of the perks.

Coronado Springs preferred room courtyard view, Exploration Motherhood
Coronado Springs- Our balcony view!

None of us have stayed at Coronado before so it’ll be a new experience for all of us. We used Disney’s online descriptions and photos (and some advice from our TRAVEL AGENT) to make a choice, so fingers crossed we love it! Online it says the resort “celebrates the daring spirit of the great Spanish explorers, artists, writers and architects.” Cool, right? The resort is under construction but Deannise (that’s our travel agent) explained what’s happening and booked us preferred rooms so my worries are minimal.

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Oh, and by the way, this is MINI’S FIRST TRIP. Mostly. Technically he was there in the womb but that doesn’t really count, does it?

when are we going?

With work schedules and travel preferences, we decided to head south for the winter! We’ll be traveling at the end of January into February. This is my favorite time to visit Walt Disney World. The weather is coolest, the crowds are smallest, and it brings joy to what is otherwise a drab time at home. On top of that, we’ll be there during the EPCOT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS and we’re all pretty excited about that!

plane wing out the window
Off we go!

why are we going?

This one is pretty obvious, right? We’re going to Walt Disney World… This trip is all Disney, all day, every day. We have our dining reservations, our fastpasses, and our plans. It’s all about fun and family time. It’s going to be the best 9 days EVER.

what are we doing while there?

All the Walt Disney World basics! All 4 Disney parks. Disney Springs. Hanging at the hotel pool (maybe) and playground. We do have some days without solid plans so we’ll see what kind of fun we find along the way… Mini golf? Hotel hopping? Horseback riding? I guess we’ll see…

Mickey Mouse waffles from Walt Disney World
Mickey shaped EVERYTHING!

Another thing I’m excited about is the eating! Disney food is my favorite. We booked a package with the dining plan so we’ll be snacking around the World and experiencing some top notch restaurants. I’m on a mission to try some of the classics for the first time (churos… mickey bar…) and reconnect with some of my old favorites (MICKEY PRETZEL).

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My favorite part of the dining plan is having a nice sit down meal every day in some of the most incredible restaurants I’ve ever experienced. Deannise snagged us the BEST reservations and I can’t wait to share details of each one. Some of the places we’ll be dining include Crystal Palace with Pooh and Friends, Le Cellier steakhouse, Be Our Guest, and Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White.

are you ready?

The Exploration Motherhood family is going to Walt Disney World!  That's right.  This winter we are heading off to the most magical place on Earth.  Read our trip plan.
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Pausing here for a little unsponsored promotion. If you’re preparing for a trip to Disney (or a trip anywhere, honestly), reach out to Deannise. I met her in a hunt to find the perfect Disney travel agent a few years ago (after an experience with a lackluster travel agent) and I’m never going back. She makes every part of vacation fun and easy, including and especially the planning. I communicate what we want on our trip and she makes it happen. She also answers my panicked calls and messages when something goes wrong and takes care of it for me. Best part? If you haven’t already booked, she’s FREE. All that sweet southern customer service and convenience at no cost. You can find her on FACEBOOK or email her at d@dreamcreatorstravel.com. Let her know I sent you- she’ll love ya.

Are you as excited as I am?! Get started on our DISNEY TRIP JOURNALS to see how it all went and visit us on YOUTUBE to see the videos!

Walt Disney World Family Vacation - Trip Plan

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